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Hearing back from our patients is the most rewarding part of our practice! We love seeing patients who have had LASIK at local events, such as Bucs or Rays games, down on the Riverwalk, or hiking in a local park! They always have a great story about their new vision and how life changing it has been. We wish we could share all the stories with you, but here are a few.


Dr. Leach and patient  and former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Center Joseph Hawley


Dr. Leach and staff with and patient Tampa Bay Buccaneer Defensive Back Mike Edwards

"Everything from my consultation to my follow up felt like the staff genuinely cared about me as a patient. Everything was explained in full detail and every question was answered.

Jackie Zambito Trotta

“Dr. Leach's reputation and recommendation from my eye doctor made me feel totally comfortable.  It's so wonderful to see without contact lenses and prescription glasses. It's a whole new world!

Michelle White-Chesnovsky

"I’m grateful Dr. Leach went to med school every morning when I wake up without glasses."

Bryan Yarborough

Ever since the second grade, I've worn glasses. I remember feeling like such a geek because the frames my mother bought me were huge and took up my entire face. I was so excited to learn that Lasik eye surgery could be covered by CareCredit. It's been about 6 months since my treatment and I am so glad that CareCredit provided me the option to have this done. I had dry eyes, astigmatism, and my vision all around was poor. It's so great to be able to wake up and have 20/15 vision!

Natalie R.

Justin Watson.jpg

Dr. Leach and staff with and patient Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Justin Watson

Andrew Miller.jpg

Patient and MLB Pitcher Andrew Miller with Dr. Leach

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